Coming Soon: The RPC 2.0

It’s almost here, the RPC 2.0. Over the last few months we have been working hard to bring you the new Retirement Planning Center proposal system. Featuring a new and improved design, the RPC 2.0 will boast all of the same applications as before, including a few new ones. Get a sneak peek below…

1. Custom Report: We have added a custom report option in the Report Menu for you to include in proposals. The custom report generator allows you to create custom text with a variety of font, color, and structural options. Once the report is created, you will find it listed under the General Reports section of the Report Menu

2. Tutorial: A step-by-step video tutorial has been added to the Tutorials section of the site. The four minute video will show you how to create a 401(k) profit sharing plan comparison. In addition, you will learn how to navigate the system, create plan specs, create/edit classes, and generate reports.

3. Logo: For a small fee, you will now be able to include your company logo on the cover page of all proposals. Please contact Eric Ellis for more details: P: (773)-886-2031

4. Announcements: The RPC 2.0 will boast an announcements section for all product news and updates.

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