Pension Portal Update

Check out these major enhancements to the Portal:

  • Mass Mailer (formerly Global Mailer) has been broken up into three separate steps. First, is the creation of the email body which can be selected from previous templates in email center. Email body has been increased to hold up to 10000 characters instead of the previous 2000 characters. The second step is selecting recipients or contacts from a set of filters, which includes workcenter tasks that are not completed. The third step allows for adding attachments that can also come from File Mgmt, however a folder and file category must be specified.
  • Paging has been added to all lists, such as Plan List, to help increase the loading speed in each page. Each page will usually hold 20 rows of return data.
  • Workcenter Change Log has been re-done to allow for better tracking of changes made in Workcenter.
  • Workcenter Plan Notes has been improved to allow for easier entering of notes and emails. A new feature, called MultiNotes, will automatically split up any email or note that exceeds 2000 characters. The interface for emailing notes to other employees now allows multiple notes to be selected and sent as one note.
  • New Contact Setup in Global Setup allows for customizing contact suffixes and prefixes. In addition, Ownership Percentage has been added back in for Owner fields, and shows up under Sponsor Contacts and Company Profile.
  • ADR Wizard question screen widths have been unlocked, allowing all questions to show. Related buttons on each screen have been duplicated to the top of the screen, so that the user will not have to scroll down to the bottom to find the button they need to click on. Clicking on Finish button in ADR Wizard or on the Send Notification in Census Upload will now send an email confirmation to the plan sponsor letting them know they have notified the TPA properly

To learn more about the Pension Portal, please visit our website:

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