Pension Portal Update

This update includes File Management Email Notification and Step-By-Step Report

In this patch, some important changes were made to plans and reports:

  • File Mgmt has a new option added to the bottom right side. This option allows files to be selected and an email notification can be sent to a selected contact (client) to inform them of the files. The email message can be customized under Global Setup -> Client Setup -> Client Notification tab.
  • In Plan Detail, the former Plan Info tab has been combined with Plan Provision. The purpose for combining the two tabs was to provide all the important information about the plan in one tab. This tab will become more useful as additional fields are added in a future update.


  • The first of the step by step reports has been released. Plan Count Report has been changed to simplify the creation of the report. This report will be much quicker to generate as the filters are organized for easier selection.


  • In billing, late fees can be edited and a different rule can be applied to an invoice by going to the invoice payment page. Also, Aging Report has been changed to reflect only outstanding invoices that are incurring late fees.


  • Employees can quickly be assigned to plans by going to Employee List and click on the Employee Assignments button. This new option allows employees to be assigned to any of the three employee roles for each plan without having to go into each plan provision page.


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