RPC: Census Tips

Tips for using the Excel Template

  1. Do NOT upload your own spreadsheet.  Always use the template.  Even if you think you have created a spreadsheet that looks exactly like the template, you should not use it.
  2. Do NOT change the headings of the template.
  3. The cells that require data are: First Name, Last Name, Hire Date, Birth Date, and W2 Earnings.
  4. In the Compensation column, $ signs should never be used and no commas please.
  5. In the Deferral column, 10% should be coded as 0.10, and 10 means $10, 14000 means $14,000.
  6. Be sure to save it as an ‘.xls’ file.
  7. Make sure the first and last names are under the correct columns. If your source spreadsheet  combined the names in one column, use the “Text to Column” function of Excel (under the Datamenu) to parse them into two columns.
  8. Note that in this sample census, John Davis is not an HCE since his compensation last year is less than $90,000.


Census Key

First Name:
Enter up to 40 characters. 

Last Name:
Enter up to 40 characters.

5% or more owners are Highly Compensated Employees (HCE).  For New Comparability, three Classes are defined by default: Class A = Owners, Class B = Non-Owner NHCEs and Class C = Non-owners HCEs. These classes may be modified.  You may change the description from to anything you want to call the classes.  You may add as many classes as you want.

For reporting purposes, there are two groups: Principals and Non-principals and costs are aggregated and compared against each other.  By default all Owners are Principals.  You may assign any employee to the Principal group.  An HCE who is “highly comped” because of his relationship to a 5% owner is not a principal by default.

Family Code:
This code is used to determine the relationships between 5% owners. Assign a common letter among employees belonging to the same family member.  This is used only for purposes of determining who is an HCE since family attribution with regards to ownership applies to the definition of an HCE.  e.g. Mr. Smith (a 5% owner) & Mrs. Smith and their son Jr. all belong to Family Code “A” while Mr. Smith’s brother,  Brother Smith, and his wife Jane does not belong to Family Code “A” but if he is also an owner, they may be in Family Code “B”.

Ownership Percentage:
Used with Sole-proprietorships or Partnerships. In the case of Partnerships, it will allocate the combined Net Earnings entered in the Plan Specifications based on each partner’s percent ownership.

Date of Birth:
The following formats are acceptable and will result in the date = 01/01/1946:  (1)1/1/46; (2)1/1/1946; (3)1/1946; (4)01/01/46; (Date of Birth cannot be after

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Disallowed Path Characters

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The ‘..’ characters are not allowed in the Path parameter for the MapPath method.

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