The Pension Portal | Client & Task Management System

What is the Pension Portal?

The Pension Portal is a comprehensive suite of tools to help take you and your pension business into the new age. With cloud computing technology, the portal gives you easy, yet powerful management of your retirement planning business. The system makes use of industry leading technology to organize, automate, and synchronize your document collection/distribution process.

With secure access, the portal gives you the means to communicate confidential information with your clients. Each user will have access 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. The portal also comes with unlimited storage, which gives you the means to manage all of your documents, contacts, plans, and clients in a central location.


1. Effectively service your clients by providing instant access to client and plan information, contacts, and advisers.

2. Manage your office work-flow by assigning tasks and projects.

3. Meet plan and regulatory deadlines and prevent task delays.

4. Send notifications to clients overdue on tasks and information on where files are located.

What’s new

Mass Emailing & Task Management Integration

Our sophisticated communication system gives you the ability to send out mass emails to your clients and special groups. Through seamless integration with our task manager, you can now filter your emails by projects, tasks, plan years and due dates. This allows you to send messages to people working on a certain plan or anyone who is overdue on a given task. For instance, if you would like to send messages to all clients who are overdue on 5500 forms, you can filter your work-flow by task, select the given plan, and send messages to those clients.

File Management Personalization & Notifications

The file management utility now gives you the ability to color code your folders and send notifications to users. The color coding feature allows you to assign specific colors to individual folders, making it easier for you and your staff to manage your paperless filing system. In addition, notifications can be sent to users of your choice every time a new file is uploaded to the system.


  • Put your year-end process online through an attractive user interface
  • Compare time value to your standard fees and decide which to bill
  • Create a list of clients with outstanding year-end items with the click of a button and send them a mass email reminder
  • Upload files to your to your clients and automatically notify them via email
  • Store your key documents in a state-of-the-art, SAS-70 certified data center
  • Access your data anytime, anywhere, without installing special software
  • Customize the field names names in our client database to store data the way you want
  • Manage client an employee permissions with our flexible account profile manager
  • And much more!


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