Annual Data Request Wizard Webinar

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Thank you to everyone who attended last week’s Annual Data Request Wizard Webinar, part of the Pension Portal Training Series. Here are some of the key benefits as well as a snapshot of what was covered:

Benefits of the ADR Wizard

  • Marketing – Attractive Graphical User Interface (GUI) will impress your clients
  • Feedback – Monitor questionnaire progress instead of wondering if clients have started
  • Easy Distribution – Make your changes, save them, and they are instantly available to all applicable clients
  • Store Data in One Location – The ADR Wizard can be queried, PDF documents cannot
  • Security – Identity theft is a real problem. Protect your clients by using secure delivery instead of email 

What was Covered

1. General overview of the ADR Wizard

2. Client Testimonials: (Benefit Services Group, Inc. & Abacus Benefit Consultants)

  • How they introduced the new feature to their client base
  • Benefits it brought to their organization
  • How they use it internally, including examples

3. How to create an Annual Data Request template (creating the questionnaire)

4. How to fill out the form from the Plan Sponsor Portal

5. Retrieving the Summary

 6. Q&A

To watch a recording of the ADR Webinar please follow this link:

If you would like to learn more about the ADR Wizard, including training for your staff, please contact us at

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