So what is actually new in the All-New RPC?

Here’s a list of what we’ve done to make sure the new Retirement Planning Center is still the best DC proposal system available:

  • The User Interface was totally revamped and improved for ease of use.
  • More detailed eligibility requirement options.
  • Better exclusion options for the 3% Non-Elective Safe Harbor.
  • Upload your logo to be included on your report cover pages.
  • A custom report was added so you can include your own explanation of “What is New Comparability” or a narrative about your company – or both! More options are on the way!
  • A QACA Safe Harbor match has been added. And it can be combined with any Profit Sharing approach.
  • Catch up was only allowed after the full deferral (17,500) is met. But some Plan Documents can limit this deferral to less than 17,500. A new field for the lower Plan Document Deferral Limit has been added. Catch up will be allowed when this lower limit is reached.
  • Quick Plan Comparison allows you to create a comparison in seconds, and can now handle censuses in excess of 450 participants!
  • There is a new Owner Only Defined Contribution module.
  • We’ve introduced some new colorful Pie Charts of Principal vs. Non- Principal and to illustrate the different Contribution Sources.
  • Triple Stacked Match: When the owner/principal is younger than his employees, this new feature might work. This approach will match deferrals up to 6% of pay. How much will an employee earning less than $50,000 be able to defer? If they defer less than 6%, they won’t get the entire match. This approach is designed to max out the owner especially if he is making the compensation limit of $255,000.
  • We continue to improve security to ensure that your information is safe while your account remains accessible. We’ve added a security question that allows you to reset, change, and recover your password & access.

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