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Track Form 5500s with EBG’s Task Tracking Report for Work Center

EBG Systems’s Pension Portal can help you track tasks with the Work Center task tracking system – including your Form 5500s. The Task Progress Report provides a summary of pending and completed tasks.

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Bookmark RPC Mobile to your Home screen

You’ve tried the RPC Mobile and you love it! (Naturally.) Now you’d like to access it more quickly and easily. We’re here to show you how. Follow the step-by-step instructions below and you’ll be accessing the RPC Mobile in no time. On your iOS device: On your Windows device:

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Promises, Promises! – Owner-Only Cash Balance

Promises, Promises! Traditional DB Plans promise Accrued Benefits. Cash Balance Plans promise lump-sum amounts. Which promise is easily understood by both owners and employees? There is no Non-discrimination testing for owner only plans. No Cross-testing either. Like the traditional DB, Cash Balance has the flexibility of funding within a range of minimum and maximum calculated […]

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2014 Annual Dollar Limits for Qualified Plans

Here is your table of annual dollar limits for 2014. These are already being used in all Retirement Planning Center products! Click on the table below to view & download the table as an image, or visit on your mobile device for quick access. Scan for Mobile: 

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Owner Only Plus with Combination Cash Balance

Want to know more about Cash Balance in Owner Only plans? Coming soon to the Retirement Planning Center is a whole new look at these designs. Take a peek at the slideshow below or view the Owner Only Plus Cash Balance Presentation as a PDF.

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Triple-Stacked Match (Title)

Learn the Triple-Stacked Match

Follow the slideshow below or view the Triple-Stacked Match presentation in PDF form. Images from the slideshow:

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