About the “Triple-Stacked Match” Approach

What do you do when you have a situation where the owners are younger than the NHCE’s?  Here’s an extreme case where the husband is 53, his wife is 45, and the only other participant is 56: The only way to pass under New Comparability is to give the 56 year old $9,669 in contribution, […]

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Introducing the RPC Mobile

Introducing the RPC Mobile

EBG Systems is proud to introduce our first mobile access with the RPC Mobile. Simply scan the QR Code below, or visit http://www.therpc.com/mobile on your device. Once you’ve bookmarked the mobile site or added it to your Home Screen, enjoy the following features: Maximum Cash Balance Calculator Calculate first-year contribution amounts for your clients and […]

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2013 Annual Dollar Limits

2013 Dollar Limits

  These are the 2005-2013 Annual Dollar Limits for Qualified Plans.

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Annual Data Request Wizard Webinar

Thank you to everyone who attended last week’s Annual Data Request Wizard Webinar, part of the Pension Portal Training Series. Here are some of the key benefits as well as a snapshot of what was covered: Benefits of the ADR Wizard Marketing – Attractive Graphical User Interface (GUI) will impress your clients Feedback – Monitor questionnaire […]

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What is a Cash Balance Plan?

A Cash Balance Plan is a Defined Benefit Plan that looks like a Money Purchase Plan. Like a Money Purchase Plan, fixed contributions are credited to each participant at the end of each year. In addition, participants receive interest credits based on the interest rate defined in the plan. The credit is a fixed rate […]

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How Cloud Computing Can Benefit You

Cloud computing seems to be all the hype lately, but do you really know what it means? From Microsoft to IBM, companies are actively using this buzz phrase to describe their products and services. You’ve probably heard of the phrase “take it to the cloud”, with cloud being a metaphor for the internet. However, when […]

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